Tribute to Dr. Jose Ma. Avila


It is a sad day for the JAFES as Dr. Jose Ma. C. Avila, or Dr. Joey, joined our Creator today.   Dr. Avila has served as one of the consultant advisers of JAFES from its revival in 2010 to present, providing sound guidance to the editorial board in the operations and management of the journal, based on his years of experience as the editor-in-Chief of the Acta Medica Philippina and as one of the pioneers of the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus and Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors.   Dr. Avila is an anatomic and clinical pathologist, an expert in childhood neoplasms and cytology, as well as a faculty of the University of the Philippines College of Pathology.   JAFES condoles with his family for his passing.