Peer Review

Become a Reviewer for the Journal of the ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies (JAFES)

What is peer review? 

Peer review is at the core of JAFES commitment to high quality scholarly publication. Through unbiased and balanced reviews from carefully selected expert referees, JAFES is guided in making editorial decisions whether or not a manuscript can be accepted with or without revisions, or rejected. This process ensures that only reliable and ethical scientific data are published.

What are peer reviewers? 

JAFES peer reviewers are experts in their respective fields, who assist the editors in making decisions on publishing a manuscript. Like editors, the reviewers are bound to treat the manuscript received with the highest level of confidentiality, and must not use the information obtained through peer review for personal advantage.

If you wish to volunteer to become a reviewer for the JAFES, please accomplish this link: JAFES PEER REVIEWER SIGN UP SHEET. We shall get in touch with you after review of your submitted information.