Methimazole-Induced Aplastic Anemia with Concomitant Hepatitis in a Young Filipina with Graves’ Disease

Keywords: anemia, aplastic, agranulocytosis, methimazole, antithyroid agents


A 34-year-old Filipino with Graves’ disease on methimazole came in due to fever, sore throat and jaundice. Patient was initially diagnosed with methimazole induced agranulocytosis and drug induced liver injury. She was treated with intravenous broad spectrum antibiotic and granulocyte colony stimulating factor. On day 4 of admission, patient had pancytopenia and was managed as methimazole induced aplastic anemia and was started on steroid therapy and 1 unit of packed red blood cell was transfused. The jaundice also increased hence she was given ursodeoxycholic acid. On day 9 of admission, with the consideration of “lineage steal phenomenon,” biopsy was done and eltrompobag was started. Patient was discharged stable at 12th day of hospital admission. This case presents the 3 rarest, life threatening complication of methimazole: agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia and hepatitis. .


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Author Biography

Natalia Wijaya, Department of Internal Medicine, De Los Santos Medical Center, Quezon City


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