Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME) Tokyo Declaration

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Members of the Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME)


We, the participants in the Joint Meeting of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME), the Index Medicus for the South-East Asian Region (IMSEAR) and the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) held in Tokyo from 2 to 4 August 2013:



That overwhelming data in science and medicine may differ in their reliability and the quality control is important for compiling scientific and health information;


That equitable circulation of scientific and health information is facilitated by fair collaboration among policy makers, researchers, and industry sectors including pharmaceuticals and publishers.


That APAME, IMSEAR, and WPRIM are important collaborative initiatives that can implement the global guidelines for publication and dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge in an equitable and ethical manner;



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