Introduction to the 17th ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies (AFES) Congress

  • Imam Subekti


culture, especially in South-East Asia. He is well known for his wisdom and is the mentor of Pandava, the main character of Mahabharata. Kresna is also depicted as a great strategist, both in politics and war. Aside from his brilliant mind, he is also known for his strength and supernatural abilities.


Those are the reasons why our logo features Kresna. We wish sincerely that the medical societies of the future, especially AFES, will grow wiser and stronger both in researches and in medical services. We hope that the 17th Congress of AFES would be a stepping stone toward a better and brighter future. Bringing the theme of “Toward a Brighter Future of Endocrinology-Metabolic Care in ASEAN Region: From Bench to Clinical Practice,” the purpose of this congress is to share the latest scientific knowledge about endocrinology with colleagues amongst ASEAN countries and share experiences with the experts and the participants.


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