Research in the Time of COVID-19: Challenges of Research Ethics Committees


  • Marita Reyes Philippine Health Research Ethics Board



research ethics, ethical standards, global health emergencies, ethics review, health research


Compliance with ethics guidelines for research are even more critical in the time of emergency public health situations such as a pandemic. Underpinned by the principles laid out in the 1979 Belmont report, conduct of research at any time should focus on respect for persons, beneficence and justice. Certain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in research ethics committees may be revised to provide a quicker turn-around and timely review. Key elements in effective review of studies include rigorousness, responsiveness and timeliness. It is crucial to recognize that ethics review committees share responsibility with researchers and its institutions, funding agencies and regulatory agencies for upholding ethical principles in research at all times.


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Author Biography

Marita Reyes, Philippine Health Research Ethics Board

Member, National Ethics Committee


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