Weathering the Crisis: A Case of Thyroid Crisis with Propranolol-Induced Circulatory Collapse Successfully Treated with Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Jean Mun Cheah, Danish Ng, Ming Yong Low, Siew Hui Foo


Thyroid crisis is a life-threatening form of thyrotoxicosis characterized by multi-system dysfunction. Therapeutic plasma exchange has been reported to be effective in removing excessive circulating thyroid hormones. We present a 46-year-old female with recently diagnosed Graves’ disease associated with thyrotoxic cardiomyopathy admitted for thyroid crisis complicated by propranolol-induced circulatory collapse, acute kidney injury and ischemic hepatitis. The tachyarrhythmia was refractory to conventional therapy. Initiation of TPE resulted in rapid clinical and biochemical stabilization.


thyroid crisis, circulatory collapse, cardiomyopathy, propranolol, therapeutic plasma exchange

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